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Triple Crown Investing

February 01, 2020

Triple Crown Investing | Kates House Foundation

Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D. will be speaking on the Kate’s House Foundation housing model

August 23, 2018 to August 24, 2018

at the statewide Community Partners in Transition Services Summer Institute.

Topic: Kate’s House Foundation: Housing in the Recovery Process

Kate’s House Foundation’s goals are to end homelessness and the addiction cycle by providing high end housing for women releasing from institutions with drug offenses. Relapse should not mean that a client will get put on the streets in 15 minutes. Housing can support the recovery process and reduce the vicious cycle of relapse, homelessness and incarceration. They will present on how agencies can become certified as Level II Recovery Homes through the new Washington affiliate of the National Alliance of Recovery Homes, provide medically approved treatment in-home, the benefits of private sector work in impacting the problem of addiction and homelessness, and how they have replaced tarps with roofs, cardboard with sheet rock, streets with carpet all in safe neighborhoods.

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The three day class will be taught monthly in several large cities in the US. The class will teach how to purchase and rehab real estate to house vulnerable populations.

Shared Housing: Investment Strategies for Social Good

March 25, 2018

Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D.
Orlando, Florida

Shared Housing: Investment Strategies for Social Good

January 14, 2018

Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D.
“The Queen Mary”
Long Beach, CA

Social Housing Strategies: Investing for Profit and Purpose

January 21, 2019 to May 30, 2019

Today’s “sharing economy” and socially connected culture presents a unique and profitable market for real estate investment opportunities. In the Social Housing class, you will discover strategies for purchasing and rehabilitating property to be used for short-term rental (also known as Air BNB), student housing, interest-based housing, “clean and sober” recovery housing and much more. Shared housing has created a unique market that real estate investors can use to expand their profits outside of traditional property investment.

Learn what is required to achieve national certification in order to tap into state, federal, and charity grants to help finance your deals. The Social Housing Strategies class is a great class for those who are looking to build their real estate portfolio while creating a profitable cash-flowing business.