Kate’s House Foundation

Our foundation has 5 large single family homes in Seattle, housing 40 men and women. We anticipate adding several homes and multi-family complexes this year.

We have separate homes for men and women. Our clients include the Department of Corrections, state prisons, private hospitals, the state ABHS hospital, King County Drug Court, LEAD, and local work release programs. All of our clients have drug addiction issues. All of our clients want to stay clean and sober, obtain custody of their children, find meaningful work and improve relationships. Housing is the foundation for change.

We Are WAQR Certified Level II Medically Approved Treatment (MAT) Recovery Homes (Washington Affiliate of the National Alliance of Recovery Homes)

We have served more than 140 men and women since 2016

We believe the private sector can have an impact on the problem of addiction, re-entry, homelessness and recovery. We teach individuals and companies with real estate holdings that they can copy our model of housing those in need. We have an obligation to improve the communities in which we live. We replace tarps with roofs, cardboard with sheetrock, streets with carpet all in a safe neighborhood.



Kate’s House Foundation is a non-profit foundation created by Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D. Frank has extensive experience in non-profit management and real estate development. Frank has experience in international marketing and directing nonprofit camps. He is a real estate broker and mortgage lending consultant. He is also an expert on facilitating housing loans to LLCs and investors to duplicate our shared housing business model.

Sherri has a Ph.D. in pharmacology with publications on how opioids act within the cell from University of Washington Medical School. Sherri practices patent law in biotechnology firms and has founded the intellectual property department in several companies… Read More

KHF (Kate’s House Foundation)

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