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Kate’s House Foundation, Seattle, WA provides an inspirational music video for all who have struggled with opioid addiction and homelessness.

Kate’s House Interiors | A Fast Review of Quality Housing

A preview of Kate’s House Interior.

Kate’s House Foundation TM

Our foundation has six large single family homes in Seattle, housing 50 men and women. We anticipate adding several homes and multi-family complexes this year.

We have separate homes for men and women. Our clients include the Veteran’s Administration, Department of Corrections, state prisons, private hospitals, the state ABHS hospital, King County Drug Court, LEAD, and local work release programs. All of our clients have drug addiction or housing insecurity issues.  All of our clients are currently working a program with drug court, veterans organizations or are on community placement with Department of Corrections.

We Are WAQR Certified Level II Medically Approved Treatment (MAT) Recovery Homes (Washington Affiliate of the National Alliance of Recovery Homes)

We have served more than 500 men and women since 2016

We believe the private sector can have an impact on the problem of addiction, re-entry, homelessness and recovery. We teach individuals and companies with real estate holdings that they can copy our model of housing those in need. We have an obligation to improve the communities in which we live. We replace tarps with roofs, cardboard with sheetrock, streets with carpet all in a safe neighborhood.



Kate’s House Foundation (501C3 EIN;  81-4323129)  was founded in Seattle, Washington by Dr. Sherri Candelario and Frank Candelario to eliminate housing insecurity for men and women from the justice system in recovery from substance abuse with co-occurring mental health issues.

Our model of housing upended the typical model of recovery housing.  We are in great neighborhoods and partner with external counselors and physicians in a wholistic model. Our clients are men and women with justice issues, veterans, people in recovery and people in drug court.  Most have experienced homelessness.  Many are dual diagnosis.

Sherri Candelario, Ph.D.  is a pharmacologist from University of Washington Medical School and the founding patent counsel for numerous biotech companies. Dr. Candelario has published in peer reviewed publications on mechanisms of opioids.

Frank Candelario has run non-profit camps and co-develops the real estate to provide homes.  Together, we created a model of shared housing to provide group support for people in need of medical support for addiction with co-occurring disorders.  Together, we teach and mentor around the US on how to develop shared housing models for community health support.  Our goal is to use real estate to end housing insecurity.

Kate’s House Foundation are the first homes in Washington state to be certified as Level II Medically Assisted Treatment homes by the Washington Affiliate of Quality Residences. Sherri and Frank were founding members of the Washington state affiliate of the National Alliance of Recovery Residences (  to bring national standards to Washington state in 2018.   Sherri is on the Board of Directors.   Frank inspects homes for WAQR for certification.   In 2019, WAQR advocated and passed state legislation that mandates all homes that receive state funds to house people in recovery or from the justice system meet national standards.  WAQR provides monthly training to housing providers on fair housing, insurance and recovery models.  Sherri is a frequent instructor.

Our model is beautiful homes in safe, secure neighborhoods with community support.  We have eliminated housing insecurity for some of the most vulnerable members of society.

We believe that current housing models that do not support treatment options for residents or remove people for relapse prevent long term recovery. Our long-term goal is to provide the skills and healing to provide permanent housing.

Our homes have been toured by the NYC team at the Second Chance Act, local congressional staff and the military coordinator for Senator Patty Murray. Our goal is to change how housing is provided in the US for vulnerable populations with a vision toward recovery, jobs and permanent housing.  We have served 300 people in the past five years.

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Frank and Sherri Candelario Attend Bill Signing at Washington State Capitol Requiring Certified Recovery Housing

This doesn’t surprise me one bit! Seeing y’all up there, representing real change for those that need it the most. I am personally a testament to the work/ethics/compassion/ morals that these 2 phenomenal humans put into each and every human that steps through any of the multiple front doors they offer! They have gone so far, as to create specialized home environments for everyone’s different needs ( and lets be honest, wer’e a needy bunch. They don’t believe one size fits all, and they have ensured that they have all staff in place to recognize needs immediately and then take action! Too many “transitional housing” programs do not even assist in transitioning to the next step, which is independence. I personally lived in the same Kate’s house, in the same bedroom for 18 months. It was the most normalizing, stabilizing and humanizing loving situation I could have ever imagined. Due to the foundation they created for me, as a felon who spent 4.5 yrs incarcerated, a launch pad to create my real life. I have started my own LLC, renting a legitmate place, have my license back and most important am a mother and a regular member of society that now votes!

This is a testimony from a resident