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Kate’s House Foundation

Our Mission

The miracle of Kate’s House Foundation began with a vision—safe and affordable housing for those homeless and in recovery —and launched a movement. Frank and Sherri realized that the private sector can buy real estate to house the homeless and have the house payments made by state and federal dollars. By placing men and women in great neighborhoods, they created a paradigm shift on how to change the trajectory of an individual’s life story.

Kate’s House Foundation is committed to compassionate and medically assisted treatment practices for recovery. We are committed to team work, individual growth and compassionate responses to the individuals entrusted in our care. We work with drug court, prisons, work release, hospitals and the private sector.

Since 2015, we’ve helped 500 plus men and women build new lives, and now we’re helping real estate investors around the country acquire homes to end homelessness and addiction in their own cities. We are great homes in great neighborhoods, utilizing tech-enabled all digital sober living. We use the latest in technology: computerized drug testing, smart technology for monitoring, data collection to assure that we are assisting in recovery and a highly skilled hands-on staff. Many of our staff came through our housing. They know addiction and recovery.



Frank and Sherri Candelario, Ph.D.

Our Story

Sherri was a single mom to a daughter who was heading down the path of addiction. Despite providing some of the best and most expensive treatment options available in the country, recovery housing that followed treatment failed. Post-treatment, living in a recovery or sober living home is the norm. However, Sherri found that the homes were in poor neighborhoods, people would be removed if a house member didn’t like you or you didn’t do a chore. Sherri would make a payment for a monthly room fee, only to find out her daughter was no longer a resident. Treatment failed because of housing. After 12 houses, most run by former addicts, a home in a great neighborhood in Southern California, run by professionals did the trick for Kate.

Sherri wanted to bring that vision to Seattle and improve it. Frank and Sherri asked “What if we took away housing insecurity and taught the members to move up the economic ladder? Let’s make everyone learn to live together, keep a bank account, have a job and education. Let’s have in-house AA/NA Meetings. Let’s have weekly group run by a volunteer psychiatrist and a team with access to grant money to enhance education. Let’s have the house run by a set of national standards. Kate’s Houses are unique. We created this model ourselves based on experience and best practices.

The Vision

When Sherri met Frank in an elevator in 2014, their connection was instant. The two had independently been working with vulnerable communities for years—Frank with the homeless, Sherri with orphans in Africa. They knew immediately that they would develop a joint vision to help others. They eloped five weeks after their first date.

After taking a course in a real estate development, the couple began to wonder: could they combine Frank’s expertise in group dynamics and Sherri’s doctorate in pharmacology with expertise on opioids to provide the safe spaces that women like Kate needed?

In 2015 they bought, gutted, and refurbished their first house, and the first 3 women moved in. They were shocked to discover that the first three women were the golden girls. Suburban women, junior league, military women and housewives. All of these ladies had served prison time for issues related to addiction. Addiction does not care where you came from.

The Candelarios explained to these first pioneers that they wanted to build the best recovery house in Seattle. One with mutual support, zen, compassion and kindness, all in a great neighborhood. They wanted to teach people to be self-sufficient and have confidence. They asked the residents what worked for them and what did not. The common theme was environment and a failure to recognize addiction is a treatable disease.

One month later the Candelarios opened their second Kate’s house, and then a third, and by the end of 2018 over 40 residents were thriving in 5 beautiful homes designed just for them.

But that success was just the beginning. The Candelarios realized that they can replicate their model and help others own real estate to serve others. Shared Housing Solutions, LLC and Kate’s House Foundation were born to help other investors own real estate in a shared housing model.

Board and Team


Executive Peer Support
Colette has training as a substance abuse counselor and is a certified Peer Mentor. In March 2021, She completed a professional certification on Evaluation for Suicide Assessment, Screening and Referral. Collete has extensive experience to support people with co-occurring disorders. Additionally, She has acquired years of experience working with women who have co-occurring disorders. As a trusted member of the team, She meets with our residents to provides support, encouragement, resources. Collete is a great resource to the foundation, our Community Corrections Officers and our ladies.


Kate (not her real name) is a family member who battled addiction for a decade. We had the best of intentions in providing high quality treatment and support. The standard of care following hospitalization is clean and sober housing. We learned that most homes were unregulated and not accredited. Our experience with the recovery home industrial complex convinced us that Frank and I could create from scratch a new model of housing that is client centered and met national accreditation standards. Kate represents all of the men and women we have helped in the past six years. Great homes, suburban neighborhoods and treating people with the golden rule.







Kate’s House Foundation

Kate’s House Foundation is a 501C3 organized to house individuals in recovery. Our unique model provides high-end housing in great neighborhoods with resources for education, employment, counseling, peer support and referrals to medical treatment.

We are committed to compassion, kindness, team work and individual growth.

Pillars of Opportunity

There are several paths to success. However, they all start with opportunity. We believe that opportunity has to be nurtured and cultivated. As a reminder and symbol of that belief we draw inspiration from the four pillared home in our logo. The roof of the home represents opportunity pointing upward towards the sky. The four pillars represent 4 of the main tenets at Kate’s houses.


We buy homes in exclusive neighborhoods for our clients. We developed a house structure committed to security. We teach team work and mutual support. The end result is safety.


Compassion includes self-compassion and kindness. We model these values. By creating a model of secure housing, we develop trust.​


Our life stories are a basis for greatness. We use self-awareness as a basis to write a new life story. We are proponents of higher education, gaining new skills and individual growth.


Kate’s Houses are placed in locations that provide ready access to medical, psychosocial and educational help. All the homes are placed near public transportation to help broaden the scope of access.