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Great and wonderful news! Frank and I have been watching this home patiently. We knew it would be the perfect Kate’s House.

We were heartbroken when it went pending two weeks ago. When the deal fell through this weekend, we swooped in and bought it! We were in a multi-buyer situation and won the bid based on our ability to close quickly and the intended use for the house.

With this addition, we will soon be housing 75 people shortly. We will have a beautiful view of Puget Sound.

This is our year of exponential growth. We are teaching others to replicate our model around the country and building our own portfolio in leaps and bounds.

To all of our students, be patient, don’t be afraid to let go of under performing assets and keep the vision. We are teaching and mentoring to help people build a dream portfolio.

We only want to own great houses in good neighborhoods. Our Kate’s House business model allows us to buy and hold the best houses.

Grow your real estate portfolio while you lift people up. It is our vision and we are spreading the news. Great real estate for great people!

Kate's House Foundation housing Kate's House Foundation housing